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  Service to our veterans, their families and their communities is as solid a plan today, in a period of epoch-making change, as it was in 1919 when the founding fathers of The American Legion met in Paris.

They were true visionaries.  Much of The American Legion’s success rests on its understanding that the fight for veterans rights - past, present or future -  is never-ending.  While our purposes may remain unchanged, our capabilities must not.  The environment is changing; we must stay in front of that change to be the nation’s advocate for veterans.

For success we must continue to provide first rate service to our veterans in the next century, The basis for this blueprint is the Preamble to the Constitution of The American Legion which was finalized at the St. Louis caucus in 1919 and reaffirmed at Minneapolis in 1994.  This declaration reaffirmed the principles on which our great organization was developed

And the method for applying this blueprint for success to American Legion activities has not changed either.  Personal contact at every level of leadership within The American Legion is the catalyst that has made us successful in the past and will make us successful in the future.

Since our founding fathers gave us a sound, clear focus, we need to build on this direction as we seek every opportunity to excel in growth and membership in the next century. 

our Centennial events at Post 1

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Centennial Celebration News

Greetings To All Legionnaires And Happy Birthday American Legion On March 15 and through March 17, 1919, one hundred years ago, members of the American Expeditionary Force convened in Paris, France, for the first American Legion caucus. Over the next six months, veterans labored at the work of planning and establishing the American Legion as an organization that would be dedicated to God and Country. Just a few of the accomplishments during the first six months included adoption of “The American Legion” as the organization’s official name, drafting and approving the preamble and constitution, adopting the Legion emblem, and persuading Congress to charter The American Legion. Our forefathers envisioned The American Legion as a patriotic, mutual-help organization for wartime veterans. The Reveille has been a part of American Legion Post 1, which was established in Colorado during the first year after the chartering of a National American Legion. American Legion Post 1 has been a part of the history of both the State of Colorado Legion Posts and the National American Legion. In this special edition of The Reveille, the history of both National and Colorado Post 1 is chronicled. The Leyden-Chiles-Wickersham American Legion Post 1 continues to have a significant role in the work that was started 100 years ago. This Post has seen so many changes over the past 100 years, from such actions of closing the Post building on Broadway and moving several times to our current location. Over these years, Post 1 members have continued to support Youth Baseball, Boys and Girls State, Oratorical, community service, etc. With participation and support from our members, we will strive to continue the work that was set forth before us 100 years ago and expanded over those years. The future of the American Legion remains in our hands and in our hearts. Let us keep the four pillars, written into our constitution in 1919, always in mind: Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation, National Security,Americanism, and Children And Youth. Thank you to the Centennial Committee — Georgia Sweeney,Edrie O’Brien, Marilyn Vroman, Deb Davis our Department Historian, and Chairman Patrick Burch. With love and admiration for the Commanders, Officers, Staff, and Legion members before us, thank you. Tom Yagley, Commande

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