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From the Commander

by Jeff Pitchford

When the last edition of The Reveille was published, Spring had justarrived. We are now into summer temperatures, and everybody is searching out an air-conditioned space. I find myself spending every morning and some evenings at Post 1 and my current goal is participation. On June 14, the Post 1 Color Guard, Senior Vice Commander Yagley, Al Jaffe, and Jean Jaffe continued the tradition of changing of the flag at Veterans Park. Erica Jaffe provided the bugle for Reveille and Taps. Having a live bugle adds a great deal to the ceremony. Thank you, Erica. The old Flag was retired,  and the new Flag raised. The only problem…no Post 1 members  participated in the ceremony except for Glen Stenson. This is, I feel, a shame and disappointment to not have Post 1 members at the ceremony.

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From The Adjutant

by Patrick Burch

It’s summer! I hope all of you have great times during this essentially wide-open season.
The Post installed new officers and E-Board members in June and their names are posted on the bulletin board.

I want to bring a serious concern to everyone’s attention. On Monday, June 14, 2021, the United States of America celebrated Flag Day. The Post Color Guard, Commander, Senior Vice-Commander, Sergeantat-Arms, and guest Bugler Erica Jaffe participated in a ceremony to
replace the Stars and Stripes at Veterans Park. I was proud to be in attendance. However, I regret that the  event was attended by only a few Post 1 members (Glen Stenson, Nick Yagley).

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From the Unit President

by Christina Lilly

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    The Post 1 family will be stepping up to prepare care packages
    for the 140th Flight Wing AF Reserve Unit with Buckley Space
    Command deployed in seven locations. We will begin collecting items
    after July 4 with collection boxes designated in our game room to be
    mailed the third week of July. Thank you to each of our organizations
    who have committed to helping with the shipping costs (approx. $21
    per box) and Art and Judith and Frank McCurdy for early donations.

    Because most are going to Middle East locations, certain restrictions apply.

    No pork products, alcohol or anything containing alcohol in name (We learned with the beer nuts), anything
    considered pornographic, homemade items or religious materials.

  • S.A.L. News


    I truly appreciate everyone who  helped and attended S.A.L. Derby Day on May 1. Thanks to you, we
    raised over a dollars.

    The winning jockey/horses were: Race 1 (Legion) — Dave R. on Two Buck Chuck; Race 2 (40/8)
    —Cheryl P. on Talk Derby to Me; Race 3 (Auxiliary) — Joanne C. on Energizer Bunny; Race 4 (Color
    Guard) — Stacy D. on Ready-Aim-Fire; and Race 5 (Armed Forces) — John H. on the Marine Horse.
    Once again, thank you to everyone who helped to make this a great event!

  • 40&8


    Fortunately, the ravages of the Corona Virus have been minimized
    thanks to the introduction of several effective vaccines. The Post is back
    to being open with normal business hours in effect and business has
    returned to normal. With this uptick, fundraising by all the families
    has returned to a regular schedule and fundraising traffic is picking up.

    As strange as it may seem, the 40/8 held the postponed Turkey
    Shoot on June 19. Obviously out of season for turkeys, but if the Kentucky
    Derby could be held last September, then it makes a bit more sense.

  • American Legion Riders


    I know, many of you are probably saying how can I help a motorcyclist enjoy the road and ride, besides not running us over on the streets and highways. Actually, that is point one of this piece.

    A study some time ago investigated the visibility of a motorcycle on the road. That is, how visible a
    motorcycle was to a person driving a car. A couple of interesting (at least to me) things came out of it.
    First and probably most important was visibility. They found during daytime driving, you can “hide” a
    motorcycle on the road with a pen. Yes, I did say a pen. Whether the rider wears bright clothing or not,
    their presence can be hidden by an object no bigger than a pen. Before I wrote this article I tested that theory. My wife was driving and I held a pen up to the view of a motorcycle on the road. I was amazed that it was true. Something no bigger than a pen can obscure a motorcycle to a motorist in a car.

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    Legion Pancake BREAKFAST
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