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Post 1 Commander's Notes

Added on 11.01.18

Membership - Maintaining membership is important
to the health of any organization. Thank you
for keeping your membership current. We truly
enjoy supporting Veterans, Troops & families, and
of course our Legion Family.

Community - The American Legion recognizes
the community is an essential part of our American
way of life. LCW Post 1 is enthusiastically committed to our local community. For example, we have a great relationship with our Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Legion Baseball, and with Holly Hills Elementary. In October
the Post donated $1,000 to this school’s Library Lending program.

Unit 1 President's Notes


Membership update. As of October 9, 2018, we had 128-memberrenewals for the 2019  membership year. Our goal is 272. Membership Chairman Georgia Sweeney informed me that our early bird renewal notice helped. She stated, “Just did a quick look/count; it looks like about 34 paid as a result of the email and about 42 from the letter. Let’s keep up the good work on achieving our membership goal.



Notes from Post 1 s.a.l. Commander


During the October S.A.L. meeting, Squadron 1 installed a new
Commander, Walter “Wallie” Weld. He has been very active in Legion Baseball. Please introduce yourself and welcome him to the Legion Family.

For the S.A.L. members not active at the Post, first, thank you for
your continued membership. It truly helps maintain Squadron 1 and the programs we support. Consider attending an S.A.L. meeting. You are always welcome to join us in the kitchen for Hamburger Nights, Breakfast, or any S.A.L. or Legion event. If you have any questions, Jr Vice Commanders Brad Koenig and
Nick Yagley can help.