CoronaVirus (aka Covid-19)

This page is to inform you, the visitor, information and updates on the Covid-19 and the American Legion Family. Please check back often for updates  that pertain to the American Legion Family. Said information will come from one of these resources: the Post Commander, Department of the American Legion Family or National American Legion Family. Be Safe, stay well, stay home.

Dear American Legion Family,

Many times I have mentioned the importance of conducting Buddy Checks throughout this crisis. It is especially vital that we check on senior citizens. Legion College graduate Jennifer Gedney Havlick (Class of 2018) has brought it to a new level. A member of Post 109 in Twin Harbors, Minn., she has formulated a plan  called Enhanced Buddy Checks. (click here)

It includes organizing response teams with captains, daily morale calls, and shopping for those who are self-quarantined. Even tasks such as bringing trash cans to the curb are not overlooked. Performing these tasks for others can save lives to those who may be especially vulnerable to COVID-19.

In its early stages, Buddy Checks were seen as a way to improve communication. During this national emergency, it is more important than ever before.

Bill Oxford
National Commander

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VA national cemeteries resume committal and memorial services halted by the COVID-19 pandemic U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) national cemeteries will resume committal services starting June 9 in all but two VA national cemeteries.  (6/5/20)-




Updates From National on Covid-19

9 June 2020, Afternoon

Dear American Legion Family,

A second century of service, buddy checks, COVID-19 response. These are just a few of the topics that I was able to address recently as a guest on the Veteran’s Corner Radio Podcast, hosted by Air Force veteran and Legionnaire Bill Hodges. You can listen to it here.

You do not have to be the national commander to talk about our great American Legion. Who can better speak about an American Legion post than its post commander? Who can better speak about your American Legion than you? But when acting as a Legion spokesperson, you should be educated about our positions. That means visiting and studying our programs and resolutions. Just reach out to local media outlets in your community. Most would love to have informed guests speaking about upcoming events in your area, programs and concerns.

Don’t speak about issues or areas that you are not familiar with. But you can never go wrong with a message of service to veterans and why it’s great to be a member of The American Legion.

Bill Oxford

National Commander

9 June 2020, Morning

Dear American Legion Family,

One of the most heartbreaking aspects of coronavirus safety measures is the inability of many families to arrange memorial services for their departing loved ones. Fortunately, the Department of Veterans Affairs announced Friday that they will resume committal services at most of its cemeteries starting today. National cemeteries in Calverton, N.Y., and Long Island, N.Y., plan to resume these gatherings on June 22.

Bill Oxford

National Commander

8 June 2020, Afternoon

Dear American Legion Family,

During the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Veterans Affairs wisely advised veterans to stay home unless they had an emergency or essential business. With safety in mind, VA stopped performing exams for compensation and pension benefits on April 2. VA plans to resume these exams on June 8. This is welcome news.

Stars & Stripes reported that the benefits backlog of claims exceeding 125 days has climbed to 119,000. This is terrible news. But for context, prior to reforms made over the last few years, the backlog was about 900,000 in 2013. With the resumption of the exams and some of the COVID-19 restrictions being lifted, The American Legion is eager to support VA in its efforts to once again reduce the backlog.

Bill Oxford

National Commander





(as it pertains to small business and nonprofits)

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Be Safe

While most of us are still under the Stay AT Home Orders for several cities and counties through out the State of Colorado. Do your part to stay safe, stay home. If you must go out, please wear a mask.

Do your part and check on your neighbors, friends and fellow Veterans. Even if it is just a phone call.

We Shall Keep The Faith