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LCW Post 1 Legion Officers
Commander Tom Yagley
Sr Vice Commander Chris Nepute
Jr Vice Commander Al Taylor
Jr Vice Commander Tilde Szelkowski
Sgt-At-Arms Pablo Palen
Chaplain John Holland
Finance Officer  Jerry Osgood
Adjutant Patrick Burch
Service Officer Dick Hassell
Executive Committee
(3yr Term)
 Bill Erskine, Anthony Jones, Dave Powers

LCW Post 1 Sons of the American Legion Officers
Commander Dan Szelkowski
Sr Vice Commander Tom Yagley
Jr Vice Commander Brad Koenig
Jr Vice Commander Nick Yagley
Adjutant Jerry Osgood
Finance Officer Chris Mulqueen
Sgt-At-Arms Hank Silling

LCW Post 1 Auxiliary Unit Officers
President Teri Mercill
Vice President Rene Bridge
Secretary Donna Thompson
Treasurer Georgia Sweeney
Chaplain Carol McLaughlin
Sgt-At-Arms Kathy Craven
Executive Committee  


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